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Permanent loan or senior loan?

Lend money, but no long term loan in my municipality. Is the fact that possible?

The particular permanent loan is a fascinating loan for seniors to help make their home future-proof. Handy, since it is sometimes difficult to take out financing at a later age. Yet what if your municipality will not offer a permanent loan? Or even if you do not meet the conditions. Since you are too young or the WOZ value of your house is too higher. Are there alternative financing choices? Hell yes! And in spite of the higher interest rates, they also have benefits. I figured it out for you.

Conditions for long-lasting loan


To be entitled to a permanent loan you must satisfy certain conditions. These problems differ per municipality. In certain municipalities you cannot borrow over € 15, 000 along with a permanent loan is only accessible if you are older than 55 or even if your WOZ value can be less than € 300, 1000. In addition, each municipality includes a list of adjustments that are returned. Do you want to adjust something else, would you not meet the conditions or even do you want to borrow more money? Then you definitely must look for an alternative.

Alternative permanent mortgage for people over 60

 Alternative permanent loan for people over 60

Whereas in the past it was extremely difficult to take out a loan at a later on age, there are now various mortgage products specifically for people more than 60. Rightly so, I believe. We are getting older, stay healthy longer and most people over sixty are still in the middle of life.

Moreover, the government desires you to live at home so long as possible and that your house will be future-proof on time. If restoration is required, a loan must be probable under responsible conditions. For this reason, together with our partners, we provide Continuous Credit 60+ and the Personal Loan 65+.

Permanent loan or even consumer credit?

Permanent loan or consumer credit?

The interest price of a permanent loan is definitely lower than that of a spinning credit or a personal loan. The particular permanent loan is a backed product, which we are not able to compete with, despite our aggressive rates. A regular loan has other benefits.

You can borrow up to € 50, 000 and you have your personal money. This means that you can also partially carry out the renovation your self. With the permanent loan a person sends your bills towards the Housing Fund and they spend the invoices from your creating credit. In addition, the work should be carried out by a recognized service provider and you cannot finance all of the adjustments from your building credit score. Consider carefully in advance whether or not the permanent loan is the best approach to you and view the alternatives.

Continuous 60+ Credit score

The Constant Credit 60+ is one option. With this credit you get entry to extra money. You then decide just how much you want to include. Handy unless you know exactly how much you need for the renovation. You only pay attention to the amount that you remove and you can repay or pull away from the loan free of charge anytime.

You slow up the credit from the age of sixty-six so that you are completely debt-free before the age of 75. You are able to request a revolving credit score until you are 65 and provide revolving credit as much as € 50, 000.

Personal Loan 65+

Personal Loan 65+

You can take out a Personal Mortgage 65+ up to your 74th birthday. You borrow the one-off amount that you pay back within a fixed number of a few months. The interest is fixed and it is tax deductible in the event of the renovation.

The majority of my clients opt for this particular loan, especially now that rates of interest are historically low. With the bank, you determine beforehand when you will pay off the mortgage. The loan must be paid back in any case before your 75th birthday. And in the interim extra repayments are always feasible and completely free.

Are you not eligible for an everlasting loan or does someone credit better suit your own wishes? Use our computation tools and immediately determine how much you can borrow. Or even request a customized suggestion without obligation.

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