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Firefighter loan insurance cheaper despite occupational risks

Professional firefighter loan insurance

Professional firefighter loan insurance

Your firefighting profession is considered a profession at risk, our brokerage firm offers the cheapest solution for the insurance of your mortgage because we have negotiated with the insurance companies of the loan a tariff without markup for your profession to offer the best firefighters insurance solution.

The professional firefighter

The professional firefighter

The professional firefighter’s job is to extinguish fires, administer first aid to victims of road accidents, burns, drownings and evacuate people in the event of a disaster (flood, earthquake, explosion).

Calculate fire insurance loan insurance offers for a mortgage loan

Fire Fighter Insurance : The firefighter’s mission is to protect people and is trained to fight fire and offer a range of relief of various kinds.

Firefighter loan insurance: solution for risky professions

Firefighter loan insurance: solution for risky professions

When you buy a mortgage to finance the purchase of housing, it is also necessary to join a borrower insurance. It is a guarantee of weight for banks because it supports the repayment of the loan in case of death, disability or incapacity of the borrower. Banks therefore systematically condition the granting of a mortgage by subscription and then offer their own insurance: the group contract (standard mutual insurance). However, borrowers are free to take out their loan insurance with the insurance company of their choice and can therefore opt for a contract that is cheaper and better suited than the group contract offered to them.

Insurers facing the risks of the profession of professional firefighter

In insurance contracts, the profession of professional firefighter can most often be part of the “exclusions” because it presents high risks. To grant you a credit insurance covering these risks, the insurer will proceed to the application of special conditions, which will affect the price of insurance: you will pay a premium.

Firefighters are most often during the service faced with dangers, and insurance companies are subject to this professional category increases when taking out insurance loan,

Have your credit insurance brokered by a broker! Expert in negotiating loan insurance, the broker-Loan Insurance-not-expensive can get you the best price for your fire insurance loan.


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