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Credits and loans of up to € 600 instantly!

We all felt at some point overwhelmed by some payments that come together, some unforeseen expenses or various situations such as a damaged washing machine, the famous January cost, birthdays and parties to save. Does this situation sound like?

Asking for a payroll advance is sometimes a bit awkward because you have to go through interdepartmental procedures, which are not very simple. Precisely for this type of situation, New Credit is born.

Credito Nuevo is a Catalan portal specialized in the granting of instant loans with low interest compared to other financial institutions. The time of return of the money is 21 days, which causes the interest to be reduced even more. To give you an example and to give you a clearer idea, for € 100 of credit to be returned in 30 days, the interest amount would be € 22.00. The maximum credit you can request is 600 euros.

Requirements to request your fast loan

Requirements to request your fast loan

Faced with a whole series of advantages, this company has more restrictive conditions than others in the sector, since it does not grant money to unemployed people without benefits, that is, it only accepts requests for money from people who have a payroll, benefit or pension. These online loans are ideal for people who meet these requirements:

  • Over 21 years and under 70, you must also be residents in Spain
  • It is necessary to have an unemployment pension or a payroll.
  • You must be a holder of a mobile phone and a bank account
  • They also grant loans to freelancers, which is a factor to take into account and an advantage, since other entities do not grant credit to this sector.

How to request my credit online with Nuevo Loan

How to request my credit online with Nuevo Loan

Simplicity when ordering your money online is one of the factors most valued by the customers of New Credit. As simple as following these points:

  • The return time cannot be chosen since they are always 21 days.
  • Whether your request is approved or denied, you will receive an SMS to inform you quickly.
  • If your SMS confirms the credit application, you will receive the money in your bank account in minutes.

What happens if I can’t pay my loan

What happens if I can

Our first advice is that before requesting your money, you know very well that you can return it after 21 days. In case of not having that security refrain from asking for the money. If, even so, when the date limit is reached, you cannot pay your loan you will have to pay € 25.00 extra and you will have to pay the rest of your credit in the next 5 days. Otherwise, 15% of the total amount of money pending will be added.

As you will see, it is not worth delaying payments, since what was supposed to be a temporary solution will become a new economic burden.

Online microcredits: other credit institutions

Online microcredits: other credit institutions

It is very important that, before requesting your credit in any financial institution, you compare all the options that are in the market. In some companies, if this is your first time, you can get your loan totally free at 0% interest. Also depending on your personal and economic situation you may be interested in loans without payroll or guarantee or loans with financial credit institution. In order for you to make the decision that best suits your profile, you need to know the conditions offered by the other entities.

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