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Credit: Fast payday loans up to € 3,000

Have you had an unforeseen event and you don’t make ends meet? Do you need a payday loan to make that little getaway that you have been putting off for so long? If you need money quickly and urgently, do not turn it over and apply for a payday loan at Loantea.

And it is that Loantea gives you payday loans quickly and easily. You can have fast credits of up to € 3,000 in 15 minutes, with very low interest, no paperwork, and no early cancellation and opening fees. Sounds good right? Well this is nothing.

Keep reading and take note of everything we are going to tell you about Loantea!

What is Loantea?

What is Loantea?

Although Loantea is a privately funded company with very little time to live, you can rest assured that your management will be totally safe because there is a serious company behind it. But who is behind Loantea? This new financial entity is part of nothing more and nothing less than the International Personal Finance Spain firm. A firm that in turn is part of the Personal Finance PLC group.

This group has a presence in more than 14 countries in the world and already has a portfolio of satisfied customers of 2.8 million. Customers who have opted for this entity due to the tranquility, security and speed they provide.

The star products offered by Loantea, its payday loans and its lines of credit, are characterized by the speed of its process, the flexibility to customize each of the operations and the transparency in its procedures.

Apply for your first payday loan with Loantea by clicking here.

What advantages does Loantea have over other entities?

What advantages does Loantea have over other entities?

To make everything a little clearer, we will list each of the advantages that this financial entity can provide:

  • You will have the freedom to decide how you want to receive your money: With a credit line or as a payday loan.
  • Loantea asks for very few requirements to grant you the credit.
  • The level of credit lines and authorized loans is quite high.
  • You can get up to € 3,000 and you can return it within a maximum period of 24 months. As you can see, an amount of money and timeframe well above any financial entity in Spain.
  • You will have great flexibility in any situation that may arise from the signing of the contract until its termination.
  • The request for money is 15 minutes.
  • Loantea has few expenses or commissions.

So that you have more knowledge of the cause before requesting your payday loan or credit line with Loantea, we will deepen each of the star products of this entity.

What is the credit line and the payday loan of Loantea?

As we have already told you, Loantea can offer you up to a maximum of € 3,000. But you can ask for this amount in 2 ways: As a payday loan or as a line of credit.

What is the Loantea Credit line? This is a balance offered by the financial institution so that you can withdraw the money as you need it. You have the same limit as the payday loan, a maximum of € 3,000, but you can repay it in 36 months:

  • You pay only the money withdrawn and not the amount granted.
  • You can return it whenever you want, but you have a maximum period of 36 months to do so.
  • You receive a monthly report of your entire balance.

And the payday loan? It works like any other loan or personal credit. You receive an amount of money from the financial institution so you can cover a specific need:

  • Accounts with a maximum term of 24 months to settle your credit of up to € 3,000.
  • In this case you have to pay the time that the loan lasts, but if you pay it back in advance you can save the interest.

Now you just have to choose the product that suits you best.

How can you apply for a payday loan or a line of credit?

How can you apply for a personal loan or a line of credit?

The process to apply for both the payday loan and the credit line with Loantea is quite simple and fast. We tell you the steps you have to follow below:

  • Choose the amount of money. When you enter the main page of the Loantea entity, you will see a slider bar. In it you have to indicate the amount of money you wish to request and the term in which you can repay your loan. Once you have it you just have to click on “Request it”.
  • Confirm your data. In the next step you have to confirm your identity by indicating your ID or NIE and your mobile phone number. This way they will send you a text message so you can move on to the next point.

Then a form will appear where you will have to indicate your personal data (Name, surname, date of birth, postal address, email, monthly income, employment)

  • Choose a limit. When you have finished filling in your personal data, in the next step you will have to indicate the limit of your credit line or your payday loan.
  • Receive your request response. Once you have finished the entire credit application process, Loantea will study your request and send you your answer in a matter of minutes. If they accept the loan, you will only have to sign the contract and wait to receive your money.

If instead of a payday loan you have requested a line of credit, you will receive each month the balance of the money you have taken out, the money you have available and the one you have paid.

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