Good Yet Cheap Tuscan Wines

When in Tuscany, there’s no doubt that you will be introduced to some of the best wines considering that Italy is famous for the many wineries that they have scattered all throughout the region. If you’re a traveler, then expect that the prices for these wines may be a bit pricey, but rest assure that they are all of great quality. To start your search for the best Tuscan wines then here is a list for you to go through.

Ciacci Piccolomini d’Aragona Brunello di Montalcino – This is a good Brunello wine that also comes with a fair price. It can age very well for up to 20 years especially if you store in a good vintage. This certainly has one of the best values if you go for a Brunello.

Chianti Classico – If you’re in Italy, there’s a chance that every Italian will know about this wine because it’s probably the most famous one in the country. This wine is variable as it is versatile, and even though that there are lots of cheap wines out there, the Chianti Classico zone located between Siena and Florence are the ones that crafts the best wines with only the finest quality.

Vernaccia di San Gimignano – This peppery, straw-colored white wine deepens to something gold as it ages. You can see that this white wine is made available all around the Town of Towers. This is known as the first DOC wine in all of Italy and is probably the only DOCG white in all of Tuscany.

Brunello di Montalcino – This wine has got a mossy smell, musky berries, and damp earth. For the taste, it is a mixture of dry vanilla, and dark, jamlike fruits. It is considered as the most powerful red wine in all of Tuscany and probably Italy’s top wine. This wine is best paired with the might Florentine-style steak.

Vino Nobile di Montepulciano – This purple-garnet wine has got a smell similar to violets. Its taste is a mixture of dark fruits, juicy red berries, and a bit of mossy, musty earth. Compared to other traditional wines, this one plays as a second banana to the Brunello, but a majority of individuals may find it to be a Noble Wine to be more of a forgiving vino and is more versatile. Even though that it’s a powerful kind of wine, you can pair with any food that you prefer maybe except for fish.

Rubesco Riserva – This elegant Umbrian wine has a high public demand, and it has even come to a point where the authorities have to create a little DOCG zone so that they can incorporate the vineyard. Giorgio Lungarotti was the one who discovered this wine by experimenting some grapes in Torgiano south of Perugia.

Sagrantino di Montefalco – This dark wine can provide you with a tannic bite and a rounded mouth feel. It has been classified by the DOCG and considered to be the most complex wine you’ll ever taste in Umbria.

What To Expect From The Different Seasons in Tuscany

At this moment, you are still having some thoughts if it’s the right time for you to go to Tuscany. Depending on when you will come there, you can expect a different kind of setting and experience from that beautiful place. So if you are a bit undecided on that, then it’s a good thing that you have spotted this article which will serve as your guide regarding the different seasons that take place in Tuscany. Through this, you can finally setup the right season to go there and experience Tuscany at its finest.

The Tuscan Spring – During the spring season, fields everywhere are filled up with wild flowers. The swallows and house-martins are going crazy searching for a place to nest and the air is fresh and clean. Tuscany becomes rich and verdant because all the trees that you see, there have blossomed already. The night times are still cool, and the woods become lively to look at because of the fireflies flying around them thus making you have lesser problems when you are looking for heat. There’s also no need to worry about mosquito bites because there are only a few that are scatted around there.

The Tuscan Summer – During summer time, the colors in Tuscany surely does stand out. You will also see that the cypress trees become dark green, the drying grass becomes soft sandy browns, and the olive groves become silvery green. Apart from the amazing nature that it brings, Tuscany can also get pretty hot during summer, but it can sometimes be oppressive. If you are in Patrignone, then this hill is high enough already, and it’s 4 or 5 degrees cooler compared to anywhere else you go.

The Tuscan Autumn – Autumn in Tuscany is awesome because it brings back the cooler evenings as well as the most amazing sunsets you’ll ever see. During this season, Tuscany also becomes the destination all sorts of activities happen because the local producers start harvesting their products such as grapes and olive crops. There are also festivals happening around in Chianti region with open doors thus allowing you to sample some of the wines and oil there. The producers in Tuscany also use traditional methods for their harvest and pressing so you can say that it surely is a good time to be around there during the season of autumn.

The Tuscan Winter – If there’s a chance, the winter season will bring in some snow and sharp frosts, and the spectacular Tuscan countryside will bring you some of the most breathtaking guises. It can be cold to stay there but sometimes a bit too cold. However, the sun still shines out of the deep blue sky, the birds are all passing through, the streets are quiet, and the wild boars will do whatever they can to hide from the hunters. So if you want to walk and explore everything else in Tuscany without too many people around then, this is the perfect time to be there. Make sure to pack your thermal clothing just in case.

Things to Do in Tuscany During the Fall Season

Going to Tuscany during the spring season can be a beautiful experience because it has flowers all around along with its bright green fields and warm sun. Autumn is also a great season there because everything feels like magic. But the fall season there is slightly different compared to the North American and Northern European fall.

During fall, the countryside’s colors are not that bold or dramatic wherein the local woods are covered in shades of yellow, brown, and dark green. There are no reds, but there are still some minor exceptions.

So, if you are planning to give Tuscany a visit during the fall season then here is a list of the things that you can do there.

Visit a winery when it’s in full swing – The grape harvest in Tuscany happens in the month of September which is also known as vendemmia. Small and large producers are working hard to produce their wine thus making it the perfect time for you to visit and witness how wines are made but not all since some of them have secrets to keep. You will surely love watching the process while enjoying the sweet smell and taste of good local wine.

Visit an olive grove when it’s in full swing – If you are in Tuscany by November, then this should be on your to-do list. The harvesting of olives may take some time, so you will be able to witness how people pick olives all throughout the month of November and the start of December. Olive presses are usually happy to open their doors to the public with a little bit of advanced notice. If you want the best way to enjoy olive oil, then you should try it on a traditional bruschetta, otherwise known as fettunta in certain parts of Tuscany. This dish is made with toasted bread, salt, garlic, and olive oil.

Truffle and mushroom hunting – The mushroom hunting can be a rich or poor depending on the weather during that time. However, the porcini mushrooms are still the king when it comes to the autumn season. In order to participate in this event, you need to acquire special permits, and you must be a bit experienced about mushrooms since the hunt can be a tricky one. If ever you aren’t into mushroom hunting and decided just to enjoy them then you should head out to some villages for festivals that are dedicated to mushrooms. You can try the hamlet of Casale di Pari because their mushroom-based foods there are really delicious!

Try the fresh game meat – The game meat, specifically wild boar meat, is famous among the locals. A majority of the restaurants serve wild boar as well as other games on their menu. The hunting season starts from September all the way up to the end of January. But if you want to experience the peak of their fresh game meat then you can go there during autumn because it will include pheasant, hare, and roe deer meat.